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It's sweet of u to try and stand up for my character. Tho I do figure I mine as well get a useful discussion out of the trolls discussion. Bc I do think there are interesting questions about nuances of life and generally interesting questions.

Owning and renting or selling trading at a profit any physical good isn't necessary only along class lines,

In fairness in this scenario I said it was true to claim I was a capitalist on some level due to my ownership of some index funds. I.e. compilations of line a small share in a bunch of American companies which u make money by the companies get more valuable and to a lesser extent give out dividends.

I would say on any level if I have any ownership in a company like boing no matter how incredibly small which is like maybe 2 cents worth of boing that still would make me oppressive on a level. Encouraging literal war profiteering is oppressive no matter how small or how little the influence. And I think there is guinuine harm albiet if I didn't own any index funds the worlds activities wouldn't change in the slightest. Sure I'll prob make less than 1000 dollars from owning capital this year but that's still significant and no amount is to small to start paying attention to the consequences and relation to society I'm in.

An in regard to envy I think u do cut yourself short. Talking about harm and the cause of ones actions is important especially the better the position one has in society. Sure I'm not exactly even in as good of a position as a lot of middle class people I def am in a better position in some part by benefiting from being on top of a hierachy in a way. And I think once I stop thinking about the problems with this and the reality of the situation is how people who can change stuff stop caring about change

So it's a situation where I definitely become an oppressor. I actually thought about this a lot and wrote a ramble about how so often in life actions that will be oppressive u can blame it on someone else and everyone feels pressured to do wrong in some ways. And how in reality it's basically impossible to live without muddying ur hands. Now I think there are obvious really bad choices. Just I think often times in some way or another u will do some oppressing and life is hard and confusing so I try to just pick a good decision and be open about the ramifications.

So I think Garbear is a little ridiculous as they ignore the nuance of these questions. I do think I want to steer clear of making claims that minimization my relation to the world or any harms I might cause. I don't blame people for not doing that as it can be really hard for little benefit but it's something I think is really important.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is sure I'm in a position where I don't have a ton of authority or anything but actions do have consequences and market decisions do have severe consequences. FYI based on rudimentary


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Ahh ok, thanks for the context!


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Oh just want to make a small point, even if people don't directly own stocks, if they own a bank account, have money in a bank account, line of credit, get a loan, own a credit card etc, a lot of banks heavily invest in things that are very much in the realm of the military industrial complex. The money in accounts is used as leverage for investments that banks make, etc.