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A mandated reporter could be a substitute teacher who has never met your child before at a day care you are legally obligated to use to obtain services. The disturbing part of the law is part C of the minimum definition of "neglect".

You could legally lose your kids if the wrong person finds out that you are or have been abused.

Please talk to your children about this. Only you know what is appropriate to your unique set of circumstances.

Peace out and stay safe.


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raindropq wrote

i clicked here to comment about that prison-warden's minimum standard for familial attent versus what i personally feel to be a habitat radically compromised in neglect. i know i'm a good dad! but, my reference-base for what's good is an abstact ideal or intuitive sensation; not just to get-by but, to thrive in trust; to be here, present with them , nurturing a place and to further the dynamic movement. i want to make the home -not out of scarcity within its dog eat dog world as thing-to-depend-on- but, confidently in abundance and kindness , respecting individual and collective autonomics. and apologizing when if i happen to have violated them in my selfish frustration (neglect)wits the in-built manipulative function of calling-out :/ does that sound like bullshit, harassment or trying to prove something good about myself?


noordinaryspider wrote

You're an amazing dad and your kid(s) are so lucky to have you. I posted here to protect families from an abusive system that can and will destroy them. My personal experience with the system that forces teachers to narc on their students or lose their jobs leads me to believe that ICE is not the only governmental organization that rips families apart and destroys the mental health of parents by dangling the carrot of "if you do what the system says, you MIGHT be reunited with your child" when they have no intention or even power to reunite the remains of what used to be a family.

I don't have the power to reunite your family either if it gets broken, so be careful out there and stay safe, okay?

Not to put any more pressure on anyone who is already dealing with escaping from an abusive relationship with their kids, but please respect and care for yourselves as if the fate of the entire human race depended on it because it does.