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monday wrote

rape culture in media

This last point encompass something that affects a lot the male behavior: porn. And it's not a rant to abolish pornography or prostitution, but how misogyny and patriarchy are the only aspect presente in this. The profusion and availability t Of porn to kids it's teaching rape simple as that. The current porn production is encapsulate all the aspects of patriarchy with some cruel misogynistic points and many young males have this as their only source of sexual education or even emotional education. It's sad, but it's what society is at this point.


lettuceLeafer wrote

There is a lot of pornography presenting healthy and positive dynamics. And there is a lot of accessible stuff that promotes optive emotional health and anti mysogyny. Though when I was a young boy by the time of puberty I already had no real care or interest in women having agency. And honestly that's how most the kids are school were too.

So I think positive media is available to most children pretty young through the internet. It's more a question why are they choosing mysogynisric material over women having agency at 6 or 7 (ovi not watching porn but kinda are making choices about the media they wanna watch at that age)


Delonix wrote

What do u think would happen if all the porn from internet vanished?