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Kinshavo wrote

The sad part is that the system do this all the time and we don't even know... So many people chewed by the Leviathan, so many hopes lost to this shitshow called America ™

I read that a Kevin Strickland was exonerated after 42 years of wrongful conviction..the issue is not about waiting to rejoice in schadenfreude about Rittenhouse, the issue is the sentiment of being hunted and shot down in every opportunity and be telling that you have equal chances. We never had a chance to begin with


deeppurplehazedream OP wrote

Wisconsin has an "affirmative defense" law which is similar to self-defense but is for trafficking victims to use “for any offense committed as a direct result” of being trafficked. Volar was a white man. There seems to be plenty of evidence including 20 home videos of him abusing girls as young as 12 that police found in a raid on his goes on and on...and yet he remained free up to the time Chrystul fought back instead of depending on the "justice" system.