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hi. i am a woman who was abused for years. I am terrified of reporting to the police because i know it will backfire. it ended over a year ago i escaped it thank god. I want to anonymously expose him because i keep seeing posts online from other women in short skirts etc supporting his photography of them in these outfits and honestly it makes me sick. I wish people knew. I am sure i could pull evidence if needed from deep in my socials / hard drives of his behaviour. (such as him telling me to kill myself, name calling etc) He physically abused me and emotionally constantly. He also sexually assaulted me once. i hate knowing hes getting away with probably doing it to more people. Is there any sites that annonymously expose abusers? or is there any way to expose them annonymously so others are AWARE of the person he is underneath his 'mask'. He tells everyone he is autistic and all this crap but its all lies he was never diagnosed with autism or anything. He is such a disgusting individual and i want people to be aware so he cant continue harming others. i have raging ptsd from it and mental health issues. please dont reply saying go to police. i just cant, its too hard. i cant yet anyway so in the meantime i dont want him harming others. please help!!



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moonlune wrote (edited )

First of all I want you to know that I'm really sorry for you and I hope you get to heal.

From what I'm getting he's some sort of pro-ish photograph. You might be able to give him a public review on google or on his pro facebook page with an alt account if he has any of those.

If you're ready for drama and he isn't pro, you may also be able to post on a local facebook group for photography or something similar, and tell people to be weary of him.

If you aren't ready yet for public drama, you can also contact other models (or ex-models, one by one, once again via his facebook or instagram friend list and post history) in order to see if they're also victims.


Fool wrote

I don't think anyone here would tell you to go to police.

Even if they're Neurodiverse, it is no excuse, and they clearly know it, and acting like it is ableist.

I'm not sure on places to host, but having a place to organise thoughts and evidence to send sounds like a good idea. I'm pretty sure there are some links to sites you could put it on in the FOSS section.

I hope you have someone to work on your trauma with, if not there have been some good links on trauma in wellbeing than may provide a starting point for some healing.

I hope the best for you, don't let your past dominate your future.


LostYonder wrote (edited )

Very disturbing and glad you were able to escape his abuse. A couple of thoughts: if you try to expose him anonymously, I am going to guess he is going to be able to know who the source is. Are you sufficiently protected against him if he does find out? If not, you have to think very carefully what/how to proceed.

Are you part of any support groups? sharing with others can be very cathartic and through their support and suggestions you may find ways of protecting others from his abuse.

Sorry I don't have more concrete suggestions.

Power to you!