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hermit_dragon wrote

I appreciate this article so much, I'd pin it


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote (edited )

Do you wanna mod this forum?


hermit_dragon wrote

Oh! I'd love to mod, and I have the time. I'm worried about finding enough content to post to keep things active (that's something mods seem to do here?) but I'll happily have a go :)


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

Umm it'd definitely be great if you helped make the forum better and stuff but it's not a requirement or anything :) Making raddle better generally is good too!

Cool, I'll add you.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

I cannot recommend Teen Vogue enough. Just as comedic news shows like Last Week Tonight or The Daily Show are doing some of the best reporting around, Teen Vogue, a teenage fashion magazine, is doing some of the best journalism around.


MHC wrote

You can expect anything you want!