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noordinaryspider wrote

Yea, that's what the world looks like to me.

My eye doctor refused to prescribe me bifocals or reading glasses because he didn't think I was employable for any job that involves reading.

Illiteracy isn't an acceptable alternative. Neither are all the "blind=stoopid" references. My eyes work differently than yours. I'm using my eyes for something else right now. Use your big people words. I see a blue rectangle, so you need to use your big people words now.


BunnyBop wrote

These are beautiful and really freakin' accurate. Looking at them after having glasses for a little over a decade, I wonder how I got along without them at all. My eyesight started to go bad in the third grade and really declined in the fourth. It happens so gradually that you don't notice a difference so I didn't realize I couldn't see. I didn't get glasses until 7th grade and even colors looked different because they weren't all blurred together. Looking at trees for the first time with glasses and being able to see individual leaves was amazing to me.