Find (and map) wheelchair accessible places wheelmap.org

Submitted by lookin4 in Ability

Do you know Wheelmap? It is similar to things referred in post 25961, but more radical, trustworthy and bottom-up! This is why:

Anyone is encouraged to take part, as a user and/or contributor. It's base is OpenStreetMap, so the data-usage is allowed under a copyleft-license, which make the project a possible base for new or extended projects itself. There is no company behind all this, but a non-profit organization. Its not under jurisdiction of the USA.

But still: Beware of possible trackers! At first sight I noticed buttons to like or tweet, from two of the major "social" networks. And they state the usage of analytics tools by a major search-engine. (Meanwhile there are maybe more or less of them, because of the GDPR.)


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