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RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

A well-written article. As someone with Autism, this strikes a sad chord. People just seem to naturally assume that Autistic people don't deserve to exist. Hence why whenever a parent murders their Autistic child, they are always portrayed sympathetically.

For the record, I acknowledge that our culture does a shitty job in supporting people with disabilities and parents raising disabled children. We live in an ableist society that would prefer that those people just go away and will fight tooth and nail, before they will give over even the most basic of aid, even though it really doesn't cost a lot to provide for the disabled. In fact, it saves money, because disabled citizens can stay alive and continue to be consumers, which helps create jobs.

That said, it's still fucking wrong to murder your kids, no matter their disability. We wouldn't accept a parent killing their kid with Leukemia, because their medicine just cost too much money, and we shouldn't accept a parent killing their kid because of Autism or any form of developmental disabilities. If they really can't handle their kid, for the love of God, go to an ER or a police station and beg for help. Refuse to leave until you get any.