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tuesday wrote

Could you fucking imagine?


kinshavo OP wrote

He got fired after this... Geez some people don't care enough to think that triggering a panic attack is a good idea


CaptainACAB wrote

Actually, I absolutely can.

“According to my client, [his managers] started reading him the riot act and accused him of stealing other co-workers’ joy,” Bucher told Link NKY.

Bucher said: “The way [they] say it, they believed he was enraged and possibly about to get violent.”

^ That's how I know it's real.


crime wrote

“My employees were the victims in this case, not the plaintiff.”

That bullshit combined with the accusation of him "stealing other co-workers’ joy"...

I can just hear the party planning committee leader crying to the manager. How joy-robbing it must have been for her and all the other coworkers, inducing multiple panic attacks like that. Poor things.

But forreal, I hope that dude gets every cent of that settlement and then some.