Submitted by pokan in Ability

  • penalizing absences
  • participation grades
  • oral presentations
  • graded discussions
  • timed tests
  • most testing, tbh
  • 'speed reading'
  • bathroom passes
  • "no eating in class"
  • "no doodling"
  • "don't leave your seat"
  • pretty much everything


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ruin wrote

pretty much everything

You can skip the “pretty much”. School is the primary tool by which society reproduces itself. It’s a precursor to the workforce or prison, manufacturing functional cogs for the machine and sorting out and discarding the pieces that refuse to fit. Ableism is a product of this process and it’s utilitarian valuation of life. Life unsuitable for society’s reproduction lacks value.


wantoknow wrote

When they make you go outside the class to play.


dangerkid wrote

going outside to play is the only fun in school everything else is ableism


maolalakoko wrote

Ableism takes many forms.
Forcing outside time for one maybe good, but for another it is an issue.

There needs to be accommodations for both the hyperactive and the obsessive compulsive, outside may not be fun for some.