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Peachsorbet wrote

While I personally am not insulted, both words can be used to invalidate or write off someone's opinion, as statements to say 'your input does not matter.'

Crazy is interesting, I feel for a lot of people this a reclaimed word and positive. "let your freak flag fly", etc. However the literal connotations are something anarchist should be well aware of; being deemed outside the norm as a way to write off the views of the individual as invalid. To say that their input can't be trusted.

Dumb really goes back to the original meaning, that is being unable to talk. For nonverbal neurodiverse people this word has been used to invalidate them, defining them as unintelligent since they have difficulty articulating their thoughts. Nonverbal people face a significant amount of unintentional oppression, from being misunderstood.

For many people, it can be very draining to pretend to fit in and act "normal" due to fear that if they don't they will be excluded from society. These words are both ways of invalidating the input neurodiverse people and people with other "mental health" conditions.