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extremecouponing OP wrote

That's mostly how I understand it as well, for right now. The part I'm somewhat confused by is when these words are used in positive contexts, such as, "this is crazy hood!" Curious to hear your thoughts on that


snack wrote

That is indeed a difficult example, because it sounds positive. If i were to approach it purely analytical, I'd say that "crazy", in this context, is still used as something out of the norm, so far out that it is very noticeable or stands out very much - now that in and of itself isn't something bad, but if you keep in mind that you are talking about the living conditions of a human being, something that is considered to be wrong with their body or mind (in the case of crazy), just to describe something as outstanding - at the cost of hurting or triggering a person and maintaining an oppressive system - then i think it's not worth it to use "crazy" when you could just as well use "unbelievably" instead.

I'm not sure i could sufficiently explain what i meant, so ask about parts that are incomprehensible, that always helps me to word my ideas better.