A Mastodon instantiation without that fifth glyph (100% so, thanks to computing) oulipo.social

Submitted by Cosine in AVoid5 (edited )

If you do not know about Mastodon*, look at it at this link: https://joinmastodon.org. It's a FOSS, multi-host microblogging hub.

Many hosts sport a singular community. This host ("instantiation") will not allow you to post that fifthglyph at all! It is fairly noisy but not too much. And you can still talk with any account on any host.

* Mastodon is actually just a kind of host; lots of hosts do not run Mastodon but can still talk to it. This full hub is known by a word I cannot say :(


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elyersio wrote

Thanks! I had an account on this, I just wish I could follow folks who sport an alias containing fifthglyph.


Cosine wrote

I think you can follow folks who sport an alias containing fifthglyph, why couldn't you? But, too bad, you cannot say that alias in a post.