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kano OP wrote (edited )

Yes, I am and furthermore that most of the social places are conservative leaning(I think this is not unique to Germany) Our project is supposed to combat this, we will have public rooms open in the near future, and give especially a left/anarchist/alternative space because theres hella Nazis in the area. So we want also that the youth can have a different influence.

Well rn I don't have to worry about the jobcentre because I'm not on unemployment. I was last year and they made me go to one if those courses in a nearby town. It was shit. I found a job rather than go there. Idk if they made me cos I'm a foreigner cos I was far away from the only person on benefits where I live and none of them had to go one since I've been here.

Job market is pretty bad, for me it's ok cos im a programmer. Am having trouble finding something fully remote now though. There's under the table work about though definitely. I think what you say about apprenticeship could be true based on what I've heard but I don't know specifics.