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Grnrchst wrote (edited )

From Umberto Eco's Ur-Fascism:

  1. Ur-Fascism speaks Newspeak. Newspeak was invented by Orwell, in 1984, as the official language of Ingsoc, English Socialism. But elements of Ur-Fascism are common to different forms of dictatorship. All the Nazi or Fascist schoolbooks made use of an impoverished vocabulary, and an elementary syntax, in order to limit the instruments for complex and critical reasoning. But we must be ready to identify other kinds of Newspeak, even if they take the apparently innocent form of a popular talk show.

amongstclouds wrote

They're also the people to get their undies in knot when they hear people 'creating new words,' to explain their existence. They mock these new terms as if that somehow doesn't grant them any meaning -- sometimes I wonder if these people would prefer grunting and simple gestures. After all, where is the inherent meaning in any word?


celebratedrecluse wrote

I'm sorry you're going through troubles with the police. Why do you think they are antagonizing you? I feel like I don't understand your situation, but I can certainly relate to being in conflict with the authority