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sudo wrote

Maybe you signed up because you wanted to be an "enforcer of justice," and protect innocent people from dangerous criminals, or something like that. That's not a bad thing to want, but the capitalist police force doesn't do that. Most of the people you arrest criminals - what they did isn't even a crime, or it was done only out of necessity. If you arrest someone for smoking marijuana, you're arresting an innocent person - smoking marijuana isn't a crime. If you arrest someone for shoplifting, you're most likely arresting a desperate person - they have a need (like food) that they can't afford, because their job doesn't pay them enough, or they can't find a job, so they are forced to either steal or die. This person isn't a criminal, they're a victim of capitalism. But, you would arrest them anyways, and make their life even worse.

You might have signed up with good intentions, but you have done bad things in the name of the law; laws which were designed to ensure the domination of the rich over the poor. If you take a good, hard look at what you're doing, decide that it's wrong, quit your job and encourage your coworkers to do the same, make reparations to the people and communities you've terrorized, read communist theory and join a communist party, then I'd consider you a comrade. But as of now, you're a bastard.