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gweur wrote

You really wont get a considered reply.

What you will received is abuse in by the shovel load and references to links and material that you are never going to read.

In general the entire game here is to categorise people by a group identity, that doesnt mean just you it also means that people categorise themselves.

If you can categorise then all idividual agency is removed, if you are y then you have the attribues x, if you didnt have the x attributes then how could you be y. So by the mere fact of being categorised that is now your identity, beyond dispute.

Thats the beauty of categorisation, as the categoriser has all idividual responsability removed. You are y and they are not y, therefore they have none of the x attributes, they are superior to you in every way. It doesnt matter that there is no quality to their arguemnt, because you are y and y is wrong.