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second_to_last wrote

Is a structurally broken place doomed to taint all the good apples it receives?

One good cop (let's say you found one, or are one and want to change the system from within) wouldn't change much. How many are needed to fix the system?


Tequila_Wolf wrote (edited )

You're imagining a tree growing apples and a bunch of them are rotten - where your idea is that some apples could be fine.

But understanding things as structural problems is to understand that the whole tree is rotten, and that you don't get 'good apples' from a rotten tree. You get rid of the tree. I know it takes work to understand systemic problems - this is why I posted a very accessible book on the matter.

The entire concept of policing is disgusting, on all levels. But even if we (like shitty liberals) accepted that policing was ok some of the time, all cops would still be bastards because there is zero substantial outcry and response from cops against police violence.

Maybe music will help you. Click through and sing along.


Emeryael wrote

As many have said, the expression isn't "Oh it's just a few bad apples. There's nothing to worry about." The expression is "A few bad apples spoil the bunch."

By refusing to disavow shitty cops, by continuing to work aside them with no complaints, even so-called good cops are still tacitly supporting a profoundly racist society.