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An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

Racism is structural - go learn about this and you will find your answer.

Secondly, you are a bat turd, a good place to learn about why you are a turd is reading Our Enemies In Blue: Police and Power in America - there I listed it just for you.

Show your cop friends too, then quit your job.


second_to_last wrote

Is a structurally broken place doomed to taint all the good apples it receives?

One good cop (let's say you found one, or are one and want to change the system from within) wouldn't change much. How many are needed to fix the system?


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote (edited )

You're imagining a tree growing apples and a bunch of them are rotten - where your idea is that some apples could be fine.

But understanding things as structural problems is to understand that the whole tree is rotten, and that you don't get 'good apples' from a rotten tree. You get rid of the tree. I know it takes work to understand systemic problems - this is why I posted a very accessible book on the matter.

The entire concept of policing is disgusting, on all levels. But even if we (like shitty liberals) accepted that policing was ok some of the time, all cops would still be bastards because there is zero substantial outcry and response from cops against police violence.

Maybe music will help you. Click through and sing along.


Emeryael wrote

As many have said, the expression isn't "Oh it's just a few bad apples. There's nothing to worry about." The expression is "A few bad apples spoil the bunch."

By refusing to disavow shitty cops, by continuing to work aside them with no complaints, even so-called good cops are still tacitly supporting a profoundly racist society.


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

I'm a cop


And I'm not a bastard

Well you don't really get to decide that do you


ziq wrote

How can you think hating the violent enforcers of the elite class makes us racist or bigotted?


BlackFlagged wrote

You can't be a class traitor and not be a bastard.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


Pop wrote

Also, this is about much more than just class


moon_princess wrote

If you're not a bastard why'd you get a job as an enforcer of a wildly oppressive and racist institution?

Or to put that into words you'll understand...

Oink oink, oink oink oink, oink oink oink oink?


Pop wrote (edited )

Seriously, you need to read the books

then quit with your cop friends

and start a movement called Ex-Cops Against The Police

You would change the world


Defasher wrote

You are though. The fact that you think coppers are a marginalized race proves it. Seriously, bash yourself.


sudo wrote

Maybe you signed up because you wanted to be an "enforcer of justice," and protect innocent people from dangerous criminals, or something like that. That's not a bad thing to want, but the capitalist police force doesn't do that. Most of the people you arrest criminals - what they did isn't even a crime, or it was done only out of necessity. If you arrest someone for smoking marijuana, you're arresting an innocent person - smoking marijuana isn't a crime. If you arrest someone for shoplifting, you're most likely arresting a desperate person - they have a need (like food) that they can't afford, because their job doesn't pay them enough, or they can't find a job, so they are forced to either steal or die. This person isn't a criminal, they're a victim of capitalism. But, you would arrest them anyways, and make their life even worse.

You might have signed up with good intentions, but you have done bad things in the name of the law; laws which were designed to ensure the domination of the rich over the poor. If you take a good, hard look at what you're doing, decide that it's wrong, quit your job and encourage your coworkers to do the same, make reparations to the people and communities you've terrorized, read communist theory and join a communist party, then I'd consider you a comrade. But as of now, you're a bastard.


watermelon wrote

Oh no! Did we hurt your wittle piggy feelings?


concept wrote

We aren't racist or bigoted. We judge cops by their behavior.

You are told to hurt people to benefit the rich, and you do. You will be asked to do these things in the future and you will.

You take pay to hurt people and to maintain a system that hurts people. Of course you are a bastard.


Enkara wrote

Lolol, cop isn't a race.



HolidaysLiftmyHeart wrote

How are you so confused that you think referring to you as a bastard is anything close to actual marginalization??

Like I'm not even mad you just seem to not understand what the word marginalized means.

Ain't no cops know their daddy!


gweur wrote

You really wont get a considered reply.

What you will received is abuse in by the shovel load and references to links and material that you are never going to read.

In general the entire game here is to categorise people by a group identity, that doesnt mean just you it also means that people categorise themselves.

If you can categorise then all idividual agency is removed, if you are y then you have the attribues x, if you didnt have the x attributes then how could you be y. So by the mere fact of being categorised that is now your identity, beyond dispute.

Thats the beauty of categorisation, as the categoriser has all idividual responsability removed. You are y and they are not y, therefore they have none of the x attributes, they are superior to you in every way. It doesnt matter that there is no quality to their arguemnt, because you are y and y is wrong.


TrumpCheeto wrote

You're not. I am thankful to have the police around keeping me safe. They keep law and order and instill fear into criminals. Their shear presence deters crime.


boringskip wrote

buy a gun and take responsibility for your own life, bootlicker