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celebratedrecluse wrote

disgusting. the ceding any ground to these disgusting Conservative Culture Warriors, with their Drug War and War on Crime and sycophantic, absurd hatred of "Social Justice Warriors", will just result in corruption and enabling of the worst elements of society through power plays.

Just as with #MeToo we've seen a beautiful, painful, and very necessary coming-to-grips with the predators enshrined in the highest halls of power, we need to also be paying attention to the killer cops and predatory agents in every bureau of the governments/every department of the corporations.

If US people want to get outraged about the existence of trans people in your bathrooms, why is there silence about the child molesters in the White House? About drug trade capitalists in the DEA/CIA? It's because it's just an entertainment spectacle, not a serious political perspective.

If you oppose child abuse, and you are fully aware of the society we live in, you must be an anarchist. You must oppose all the hierarchies, from capitalism to statist power to racism/sexism/queerphobia/ableism, all of it! because without such a broad critique and a bold new vision, you will simply enable predators and must have your political conclusions disregarded by people with a serious commitment to the end of all forms of abuse.

Hierarchy is abuse!