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hasbrochem wrote

yet another example of why not to EVER call the fucking cops especially for a "wellness" check.


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

What else should her boyfriend have done when she sent him the photo with the cut and told him she had a gun and wanted to use it?

I'm not saying he should have called the cops. I'm just not sure what else could have been done. Call a crisis intervention counselor and have the person call her directly?


hasbrochem wrote

In hindsight, just about anything would have been better as she ended up being murdered by the fucking pigs. cops aren't trained to deescalate situations. pigs are trained to murder. to brutalize. to make sure they are obeyed at the cost of everything else. including the lives of those they "protect and serve".

West noted that King County Sheriff’s deputies undergo crisis intervention training specifically regarding “people with mental health issues or behavior crisis.” She also said they receive “de-escalation and communications training.”

all that training and yet they still murdered her. almost like it doesn't fucking matter. I'm sure those little piggies were just terrified for their poor wittle lives.

Calling the police often escalates situations, puts people at risk, and leads to violence. Anytime you seek help from the police, you’re inviting them into your community and putting people who may already be vulnerable into dangerous situations. Sometimes people feel that calling the police is the only way to deal with problems. But we can build trusted networks of mutual aid that allow us to better handle conflicts ourselves and move toward forms of transformative justice, while keeping police away from our neighborhoods.

... 5) Keep a contact list of community resources like suicide hotlines. When police are contacted to “manage” such situations, people with mental illness are sixteen times more likely to be killed by cops than those without mental health challenges.

So, you understand that the police force in the U.S. upholds a system of racialized violence and white supremacy. You know that, when police get involved, black people, Latinx people, Native Americans, people of color, queer & trans people, sex workers, women, undocumented immigrants, and people living with disabilities and mental illness are usually in more danger, even if they are the victims of the crime being reported. You know that police violently escalate peaceful interactions and murder black people with impunity every single day in this country.

Cure Violence stops the spread of violence by using the methods and strategies associated with disease control – detecting and interrupting conflicts, identifying and treating the highest risk individuals, and changing social norms – resulting reductions in violence of up to 70%

And it's not as if washington has a known history of abusing and murdering indigenous women (PDF). But hey, call the fucking cops and get on your fucking knees and pray like hell they don't murder the person you reported.

this isn't some great unknown that no one has ever thought about before. and I've been involved in a case that thankfully didn't end up with the person being murdered, though the pigs did arrest them and held them over night and this for a "wellness check" of someone that was suicidal (they arrested and detained for being belligerent not for "their own safety"). I was pissed that someone else in our group called the cops. I got the same response that you gave here, "well, what else were we supposed to do, they said they were going to kill themselves???" get off your ass and get over there. that's the big thing, community building and changing the mentality that we need to calls those fuckheads in blue to solve any problem.

which is going to be better, someone who they know showing up to make sure they're okay or the pigs coming in with weapons hot and itchy fingers? not really a hard question to ask. and for any other objection, all I have to say is: they're dead, the cops murdered them. people end up dead on the barrel of the pigs' guns especially if they're a minority and for a "wellness check"

one more thing about these, from a reddit post

So, with wellness checks, those are a bit of a sticky wicket. If an officer is acting on a legitimate tip that there is imminent danger inside the house, and you choose not to talk with the cops (lights off, pretend you're not home, whathaveyou), they can force their way inside.

Cady v. Dombrowski (413 U.S. 433, 441 (1973)) carves out an exception to the warrant rule by recognizing legitimacy of searches & seizures based on community caretaking or public safety considerations.

so again, don't ever fucking call the goddamn pigs especially for a wellness check


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

Thanks for all of this, I'll start reading.


hasbrochem wrote

np and this is literally just the tip of the iceberg that I posted here. as I mentioned I was involved with an incident where the cops were called on an individual for a "wellness check" because they were threatening suicide. that was a very intense and honestly scary day for me. they are a trans woman that has had multiple unfavorable encounters with the police where they have gone out of their way to harass her. not having any idea what had happened to them after that dipshit called the police made for a long and stressful day. knowing that the police are much more likely to murder someone if they are a minority, lgbtq+, native american and so on, makes calling them for anything unpalatable. I've never experienced anything more terrifying than staring down the barrel of a police officer's gun not knowing if they were going to pull the trigger. never ever ever call the fucking cops. ever. they ruin lives and murder people with impunity.

fuck every cop that ever did their job