Arizona man suing after police used stun gun on him 11 times during traffic stop

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A man who said police used a stun gun on him 11 times during a traffic stop in Arizona is accusing officers of torture.

Johnny Wheatcroft is suing the Glendale Police Department over the July 26, 2017 encounter.

The body cam video shows Glendale police approach this silver sedan for a traffic violation.

Johnny Wheatcroft is in the passenger seat, another man is driving, and Wheatcroft's two children and their mother are in the back seat.

Wheatcroft is still wearing his seat belt when Officer Matt Schneider asks for his identification, and Wheatcroft questioned why he had to show ID.

Police saw Wheatcroft reach under his seat for a backpack, and they allege he argued and resisted as they attempted to remove him from the vehicle.

Police use the stun gun on Wheatcroft and pull him from the car. At one point, he is in handcuffs and his leg is tangled in the seatbelt when the stun gun is used again.

This is the point where the lawsuit claims Schneider pulled down Wheatcroft's shorts and used the stun gun on his testicles.

The video shows officers turn the man over on his side and the officer appears to point the taser again at the man's genitals.

Wheatcroft is put into a squad car and booked on felony aggravated assault on an officer.

He spent months in in jail before those charges were dropped entirely. Wheatcroft has now filed a lawsuit-- claiming this was torture.

Glendale police released a statement with their side of the story as well as a small surveillance clip which they say shows Wheatcroft's wife, Anya Chapman, throwing a bag filled with bottled drinks at another officer, knocking him unconscious.

Chapman pleaded guilty to aggravated assault on a police officer.

Glendale police say Schneider's use of the taser, including when Wheatcroft was in handcuffs, violates their policies.

He was suspended for three days.


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