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NAB wrote

idk if this is even a real statistic, but isent 40% of households still kinda a shitty statisic of thats true?


bloodrose OP wrote

As I understand the 40% is an estimate. It is hard to get accurate numbers on something like this. My father and uncle both were tow truck drivers for a company that was in rotation to be on call for the highway patrol. So they wound up getting to know the local cops, as do a lot of tow truck drivers, apparently. They told me to never, ever date a cop. They said they knew which ones beat their wives and they knew the other cops knew which ones beat their wives, too. But that they would never arrest another cop. Sooo....yeah, hard to get an accurate number when you can't report it because all of the cops are watching out for each other.


F_x wrote

I think this should be in f/memer but you're still getting an upvote for the humour.