Apparently I've been reading to much Gelderloos.

Submitted by Cheeks in ACAB

Just caught myself replying to a friend with this:

"Exactly... That particular "morality" is manufactured and distributed from the top down as a State and class preservation propaganda mechanism. When someone criticizes another for hurling insults or even rocks at cops they are simply displacing the burden of critical thought on the state and the upper parisitical class that exists in antagonism with the rest of society."


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

haha :) Sounds interesting, maybe I should read some Gelderloos. Do you have any recommendations for where to start?


selver wrote

His most recent book, Worshiping Power: An Anarchist View of Early State Formation is great. Goes over all the recent anthropology about how states came about.

He also wrote a short essay I really like called The Difference Between Anarchists and the Academy.


Fossidarity wrote (edited )

Anarchy Works is also nice although it's an introductory text.


Cheeks wrote

I've just started reading that this morning. So far, I would surmise it as just that, "introductory text." I'm hoping it will be a bit more than just that though.


Cheeks wrote

How Non-violence Protects the State, is probably a good starting point. IIRC there is an audio version from the audible anarchist folks?