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sudo wrote

God dammit. I need to get out in the streets and protest this, but the local BLM chapter isn't responding to my emails, and I don't know of any other groups that would protest this where I live. I can't go alone, because there are tons of reactionaries here, and one person protesting wouldn't look very good.


ziq wrote

We need an online platform that's just for organizing protests and direct action.


autonomous_hippopotamus wrote

yes definately, organizing anti state pollice protests on facebook or google is putting people in unnaceptable danger at this point.

I think ideally it woudl be

  • invite only (at least to post events)
  • decentralzied: allowing users to host their own instances so it couldn't be taken down.
  • utilize end to end encryption for private communications.
  • allow full integration with tor and i2p
  • allow uploading all types of media/realtime streaming of protests police encounters
  • have a coresponding app for android and i0s Etc.

i think mastodon and diaspora meet alot of these requirements, but not all... Really anything would be helpful at this point. Like an online bullitin board/discussion area just for organizing where users can protect their identitfy.

What is unfortunate is that social media and on the ground organizing hasn't evolved in tandem. Where there is on the ground organizing, it usually relies on Facebook, Google, What's app etc. Where there privacy centric social networks, these are usually disconnected from grassroots movements.


ziq wrote (edited )

Make this a self-post in f/meta, it's a great idea. Maybe we could integrate it with raddit.