Fun exchange elsewhere after posting the number of people murdered by cops so far this year.

Submitted by Cheeks in ACAB

PERSON 2: They also kill more people in America than terrorists do!

PERSON 1: exactly!

PERSON 3: Did you read through some of the articles? Majority read man shoots at police officer, shoots police officer, tries to run over officer, etc. I don't know what you are getting on about yes some officers are corrupt, racist, power high, etc. but majority are not.

PERSON 1: The function of police is not to fight crime, but merely to uphold the existing order through violent subjugation and oppression of poor and working class people. TLDR: All cops are class traitors. All cops are bastards.

PERSON 3: It is not like we are oppressed by police. Aside from victimless crimes ie drugs most of the laws should align with the majorities own morals.

PERSON 1: "..police and prisons are only necessary in societies that are based on exploitation and inequality. The police are not an instrument fit to protect a society; on the contrary they are an instrument fit to protect an elite, parasitical class from society. Any society with a minimal practice of cooperation and solidarity can protect itself from individuals who would harm others. A hierarchical, militarized force such as the police, or an institution like the prison designed to remove conflict and transgression from the social sphere, only makes sense where there is a parasitical social class that exists in antagonism with the rest of society, and needs to manage social norms of right and wrong and monopolize violent force in order to preserve its power. Such a class also needs a justice mechanism, such as courts and a legislative body, to formalize its conception of right and wrong, and a propaganda mechanism, whether a state religion or mass media, to ensure that the exploited majority identify with their masters and reproduce the norms of the elite. When a normal person speaks out against throwing rocks at the police or destroying businesses, they are expressing values that originate at the top of the social pyramid.." --Peter Gelderloos "A World Without Police"

PERSON 2: You are also assuming that most people have morals...our society punishes the poor for being poor, i.e. jail time for unpaid tickets. Blue lives murder.

PERSON 4: Also, history is written by the winners. Do you really think the police release information that paints them in a bad light? They back each other up.


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