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NEOalquimista wrote

He could've told him to stay still on the floor, then place handcuffs like usual. But nooo, he needed to protect his own ass by making a frightened man do acrobatics on the carpet and then shoot him. That's murder for sure. Motherfucker.


dele_ted wrote

The President of the Mesa Police Association said, after Mitch Brailsford was cleared of murder, that “We’re extremely relieved with the verdict, although not surprised. We believe Mitch Brailsford acted as he was trained to do, as all police officers are trained to do,".

Mitch had engraved "You're Fucked" into his rifle dust cover, on top of all of it.

Thanks for demonstrating how not to do justice, America.


FreePianoKeys wrote

The guy shouting in the video never even got tried. He ran to the Philippines. If anything he’s just as responsible. This happens everyday, and everyday the police go free, and no one even cares.


depth_of_my_ego wrote

At this point its time to kill cops, hunt them down.