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Defasher wrote (edited )

Burn their cars.


Ant wrote

surprised you think burning the personal cars is desirable as a method

surprised you think people will have personal cars

surprised you think there will be cars, since you're a mod of f/anticiv


Defasher wrote (edited )

What is this 'will be' bullshit? I live in the present, not in some fantasy.

What anarchist doesn't support direct action?


Ant wrote

I'm not trying to fight with you, just interested.

re my first two points, burning a car seems polluting, and wasteful, respectively, is what I mean. Direct action is great, I just feel like there are better ways to deal with that problem

And the question we were asked is how "would" this stuff be taken care of

(since there's the context of this forum, and also the sort of question u/elon_satoshi asks, I take the )

meaning, "in some desirable future"
which is where I get the 'will be' from


Defasher wrote

If you don't burn it, the fuel it'll burn over the years will do a lot more damage than a small fire.