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sudo wrote

I would back up my own claims with evidence, and ask him to show what evidence he has to back up his claims. Usually the types of evidence these people bring up don't actually support their claims, but read through it anyways, to see if it does. Also, be prepared for them to say the same thing about your evidence (and make sure it is actual evidence, and not something written by one of the many left wing crackpots!). Make sure you've brushed up on your logical fallacies, so you can be ready to explain any fallacious reasoning they make, and also to ensure you don't make any yourself - even if what you are saying is correct, if you use fallacious arguments to support it, and the other person realizes they are fallacious, they may not listen to any other, valid arguments you make.

If this person is still capable of critical thinking, you might be able to convince them if you make evidence-based arguments. If they seem like they're stuck in their mindset, then don't waste your time. Good luck.