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OdiousOutlaw wrote

The girls were delivering "thankful turkeys" — thank you notes written on paper cut to resemble a turkey — last November. One of the turkeys, made for Rowland's wife, was taped to Rowland's front door. When Rowland discovered the paper, he went out to the street carrying his gun and stopped the car.

After pointing the gun at the car, he grabbed the driver and only adult in the car, by the hair and held his gun to her head. He threatened to shoot her before demanding that she leave.

Dunn called the incident a "terrible and traumatic event" for the girls and woman involved but also said Rowland did not present an ongoing threat from which society needs protection.

The girls spoke about tarnished relationships, fear and the counseling they are now subject to. One of the girls said that she had been told countless times that she and the other girls had ruined a good man's life, that they had committed a crime, and that they got what they deserved.

"I want to say I took full responsibility for what I did," he said. … "I just want to say, 'I'm sorry to the families.' I hope the girls can get over it."

I can't with this man I just

Fucking goddamn cops




LucidDreaming wrote

And what do you think would happen if a church youth group member pulled a gun on cops?