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marx wrote (edited )

You have to love (or hate) the hypocritical right-winger logic about this case:

Right-wingers: "All Muslims hate women because some of them practice religious modesty standards."

Also right-wingers: "She was raped... by cops? B-b-but... she posted some pretty provocative selfies on Twitter! That explains it! Stone her!"

I've seen so many tighty righties on Twitter slut-shaming this girl and implying that she was "asking for it" because she had the audacity to... be in a bikini in a photo! :o It's so disgusting. Some of them have even claimed that she "willingly" (as if that were possible) had sex with them to "get out of trouble" and then accused them of rape, as if that makes any sense at all. The mental gymnastics bootlickers will go through in order to defend their oppressors even literally raping them is astounding.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Yea all this pretend concern for women's struggle only when it fits their own agenda is a testament to how they really don't give a shit beyond justifying their own abuse. They use everything they can grab to create a narrative of "but we're the good guys! See?!" and then support the worst people on earth...

It's too bad so many are tricked by these games...