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i've been thinking about cutting together a little documentary about cops and their bullshit, so i've been looking for some footage, but all of it is grainy twice-compressed youtube trash that people have recorded off their tv screens and then reuploaded to youtube with their mouse cursor in the middle of the screen and then ripped from youtube and reuploaded to facebook with a meme page watermark over the top of it.

does anyone know any good resources for finding footage that is a little more raw?

also does anyone have any rabbit holes that they think i should look at that are maybe not so usa-centric? higher profile places that document this kind of thing are pretty focused on documenting mostly usa examples, but ~all~ cops are bastards, so hong kong police protest response, and islamic military police, and greek police torture incidents etc. could probably get more screen time.



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ChaosAnarchy wrote (edited )

maybe a bit unrelated but a somewhat "high ranked officer" (5 stars) in Germany made himself a joke by saying you can defend yourself against an attacker by saying loudly "HALT!" "please help me! I'm in danger!"