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maybe the pro criminals need this kinds of sentencing

implying murder isn’t a “crime” by its own definition (crime in quotes because we all know what that really means)

put this much effort into stopping criminals and we be safe

your country has the highest incarceration rate in the world and you’re still shooting at moths in the dark out of blind fear

a hero to the aryan brothers

cops using their real name now?

injustice is when a man who is a drug addict who points a gun at a pregnant woman gets made a messiah no he is where he belongs now

it’s almost like it’s not about the individual victim………………..

cops killed jesus too

sham trial. miscarriage of justice. the jury was intimidated by the mob

oh no. the system isn’t protecting its scapegoat!?!?

poor guy. i hope he appeals to get out early. stupid criminal george floyd.

another example of people who genuinely think cops should have carte blanche to straight up murder anyone who so much as shoplifts a cigarette.

this is what they think of anyone who doesn’t follow the “rules”. disobey the law? get murdered.

only way this guy gets a fare trial is if it happens on mars!!!

maybe when the oil giants have finished destroying the earth and elon musk creates his capitalist barony up on the red planet, you can all jet off and live happily under the thumb in indentured servitude where anybody who steps out of line gets choked to death on the street by thugs, and leave the rest of us to rebuild in the mess you left behind

all police in big cities quit and let people see what happens

it’s really the least we’re asking for

it’s sad to see that it’s not his fault. flyod didn’t follow his order

“he didn’t choose to murder him!”

people who really think cops are the word and to disobey is to surrender your right to life

american democracy, law, and justice. what a joke!

i think you’ll find we agree

this dude did the community a favour. should have got a promotion

hero should have got a medal

and other racists expressing hero worship of the oppressor

justice to please a paid flash mob of self indulgent police haters

wait. we can get paid for this?

ugh it just keeps going forever. this is like 1% of these comments



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bloodrose wrote

cops killed jesus too

I love this. If I still had christian friends, I would steal this and use it. It's awesome.


CaptainACAB wrote

The youtube comment section is definitely at the top 10 of the internet's biggest cesspits.

One court case going the way they don't want and these bottom feeders shit themselves, imagine if they didn't have the entire state apparatus on their side 99% of the time; they'd die of dehydration from all of the crocodile tears!