Submitted by I_F_Myself in ACAB

Let’s pretend that you have discovered the ability to listen to and record very sensitive police and federal drug enforcement radio traffic legally. That you live in a fairly large metropolitan area of 6+ million people. Lots of the radio traffic/information you have is of people and places under surveillance such as drug dealers and stash houses. Some of the information however has been of organizations and groups that take part in protests.

From the listening and analysis of this information you now have the names of people under surveillance for drug crimes, the types of vehicles they drive, the places they live, the places they visit (stash houses), and the people they meet, and sometimes the people they are meeting are UnderCover agents.

What are your suggestions etc. as to what to do with the information. You are a couch surfing heroin geek in this thought experiment. I look forward to your suggestions and will gladly assist with any questions.



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realLeviathan wrote

Why not just give the whole infos to wikileaks, or some journalist organization?


I_F_Myself OP wrote

I think if I gave it to a journalist that they would then go to the agency/police and then my info goes bye bye... not really sure what wiki leaks would do with it... I am trying to figure out how this can benefit me...


realLeviathan wrote

Oh ok, Hum, maybe try to sell the infos to the local dealers? They would be interessted by such a thing, right? Ask like 1000 dollars