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CaptainACAB wrote

The "White conservative vs Black Liberal" narrative always fills me with the desire to inflict violence.

White people hated Obama because he was a Black man who became president and elevated the Black race.

He most certainly did not.

Mr. Hodges was among the people who testified in favor of the Confederate statue. The statue is part of the past, he argued, and giving in to demands to take it down will only lead to more demands.

You started a militia, you vapid dipshit, who are you to complain about making demands? I fucking hate conservatives.

“They were upset because he had a whip,” she said. “They said they didn’t whip the slaves with whips, they whipped them with switches here.”

Confederate romanticists are truly unmatched in both their inability to read a copy of the Constitution of the Confederate States (which is literally just the US constitution with several amendments to preserve slavery) and their absurd attempts to downplay the implications of owning another human being.