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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

Hatred of cops comes from a better place than hatred of black people. Cops are the slave catchers of yesterday and the security guards of the widely connected prison halls of today. Having a place to vent these frustrations is the least the public can ask for considering all the murder and torture the cops get away with. To get mad at those wishing to vent is similar to victim blaming. Hating on cops is not "without reason".

This dude may have been coked up, and even by the police's own accounts was genuinely remorseful over his decision, but if you're comparing which side has more blood on their hand it is the police. The police are quick to say he deserves death while promoting cops who do exactly what he did to that cop.

edit: I just wanted to clarify that I agree with the other posts saying that even making the comparison between a violent class traitor institution for enforcing the racism of the empire with an entire ethnic group of people is racist. The cops can and they should take their badges off if they don't want our hatred.