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kore wrote

get good with a slingshot


lautreamont wrote (edited )

Only Joerg Sprave's slingshots are powerful enough to take down a drone.

Tho they're somewhat easy to make with a few basic tools... and he's showing how to make them in most of his vids.

But at this point... why not getting yourself a powerful enough hunting rifle if you can acquire them in your region?


TLBM wrote

I've made quite strong and cheap slingshots using these rubber bands.

Maybe not strong enough to take down a drone but strong enough to brake a window


lautreamont wrote (edited )

The best rubber bands afaik are those used for workout. There's a scale of colors used to indicate their resistance, where the black ones got the strongest resistance (no pun intended), and they may be best suited for those "slingshot rifles".

Here's a good idea for projectiles: charged capacitors. Easy to find for free in all kinds of circuits, with varying sizes and properties. Be careful when handling tho.