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I know it sounds silly, but I want to commit suicide without feeling any strong pain. I tried with a rope, but something agonizing and it broke. please easy methods which is death for sure



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black_fox wrote

if you need someone to talk to please check out the rad mental wellbeing chat on matrix. it's not very active but we're here to listen


CircleA wrote

Are you aware that the entirety of the far right media in the United States is located in a single building in NYC? Fox News, NY Post, Wall Street Journal, etc?

Same thing in the UK.


Liftitbro wrote (edited )

Charcoal burning in a sealed space + alcohol. Peaceful, painless and relatively fast compared. However it comes with possible complications, it can leave you permanently brain spazzed - the degree to which would depend on how long you were poisoned for. If you opt for this method make sure to A) choose a space noone can possibly find you for atleast a day B)burn it for enough time so it's coals producing the ga's have no fire, C) choose a space that's relatively small like a bathroom and make sure there are no air vents whatsoever ,tape them all up. D) ensure you have enough coal to go for hours

Good luck but don't get brain damage.