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I was at the beach one day, Broke my foot yada yada you've seen my sympathy post already

When I fell I was screaming like a bitch right? My family was panicking when they heard me scream

And I was on the ground in the sand, and I couldn't get ony left foot since... you know... my left foot broke

My dad and a female friend tried to get me up, but I couldn't/wouldn't get up, cuz my foot was fucking broken

And to get me to get up... my female friend, told me to think of Ezekiel from Total Drama

Yeah... she actually said that

Then I actually managed to get up and they carried me to one of the stalls by the beach

It was like... weirdly patronizing? It reminded of a weird "DSMP Motivation " TikTok I saw that said shit like "Get up for Ranboo" "Brush your teeth for Dream" and shit

Then my dad got a me foot massage to try and make it feel better, and ANYTHING that touched my foot hurt like hell so I was screaming like a bitch as my foot was getting massaged

The friend told me that I sounded like I was uhh... "coming" (weird girl)

And then she told me that I sounded like I was giving birth

And then... to calm me down... she told me

To imagine that I was giving birth to Ezekiel

I'm male...

Yes, she actually said that with her mouth, out loud, within the presence of my family members

She told me, "You're giving birth to Ezekiel"

I am not joking or exaggerating, I don't know why she's like this



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QuicksilverDragon wrote

I'm sorry, but this is really fuckin funny lol


Nitrodark_LaKnabo4 OP wrote (edited )

She then fucking said "You're giving birth to your boyfriend"


anopenwound wrote

Total drama inspires some intense fans.


Nitrodark_LaKnabo4 OP wrote

She doesn't even watch Total Drama

The extent of her knowledge is "a misogynist named Ezekiel exists"


anopenwound wrote

Lol thats funny. Idk much abt it either i just have some friends who are super into it. Seem so much porn for that damn show inadvertently too.