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I broke the one rule of this forum many many times, it's not a rule I would ever abide by, now I'm mostly disguising it so it doesn't look suspicious, but I don't regret it, and will probably continue to break the forum's only rule, and I find it unlikely that there is an effective way to punish me for it, so here's this rule that is not enforced, and people are like, whoah alright just a useless rule no problem there, well you just wait until they take over and start enforcing the rule, and even if they don't or won't, I really am uncomfortable with all rules, it's like a permanent threat hovering over, all rules need a ruler, as the metric system for distance and other counterparts under different jurisdiction, and this difference in itself have shown us.



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Circe wrote

I always thought it was more like the rules of a game, in which case the only “enforcement” is failing to do so means you aren’t in the game. 🤷‍♀️ I mean, I have yet to post a single submission here but I think of it as just not playing right now.



Vrik_IV OP wrote

That's fair, but what about the cranky angle?


idioomsus wrote

The trick to being a law-abiding 196 peruser is to avoid visiting the forum homepage and just keep an eye on recent comments and get here that way.

IANAL but this much legalese I know - the language is specific about "visit[ing]" a "homepage".


Vrik_IV OP wrote

That's cool, you found a loophole, keep it up, beware of the forum's law enforcement and on the lookout for a law change on the sly, that is a frequent thing power does


OneSock wrote

It’s really interesting to see people’s interpretations of 196’s “rule”. Especially the serious takes. Because the subject matter is silly.

The only reason /f/196 even has that one rule is because it’s based on r/196. Which in turn is based on r/195(afaik, there’s no r/194).

Like Circe said: It’s like the rules of a game. It’s not enforced or meant to be taken seriously. Plenty of people break the “rule” all the time both here and on all the other variations of 196.

Most people post because they want to. And not because a digital line of text told them to. Really, it’s a suggestion, an idea with no authority.

But if you don’t like even the idea of rules or find them spooky, then you’re in good company here on Raddle.


Vrik_IV OP wrote

How do you know plenty of people break the rule? What sparked such massive disobedience?


OneSock wrote

Because of numerous posts and comments like this where people they say they’ve broken the rule repeatedly. Because I myself only follow the rule whenever I feel like it. And lastly, because people constantly joke about what the punishment is for disobeying.(there’s no real punishment)

There’s also the fact that statistically, not everyone is going to follow the rule. Even on the sub, the average was only 70-69% percent at most according to an old statistic (inaccurate btw).

The average here is probably much lower. I’m too lazy to actually calculate the average over the last few months but there’s only like 2 users that post consistently. Used to be more but some migrated or took an indefinite hiatus.

To answer what your question of what sparked the massive disobedience, nothing really. It’s just always been like that. ( I really like how you phrased the question, makes it seem like we’re rising up against our 196 overlords)


QuicksilverDragon wrote

My worst posts are from following the rule so you might be onto something.