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digitalizedMind wrote (edited )

so people just dont talk about 1/6 anymore?

edit: or do we call it 6/1? idk that day in january when i looked at the laundromat tv screen and saw a coup was just attempted in my country and was almost too depressed to care


MartianTiger OP wrote (edited )

The January sixth capital building attack? It still gets brought up occasionally.

I’m not sure what point you were trying to make by bringing it up though. Maybe you were trying to say something like fascism is visibly prevalent in the USA? Or maybe you were genuinely just asking a question and I’m reading into it too much.


digitalizedMind wrote

kinda both honestly. for me that day was a wake up call, that "fascist" isn't at all just a derogatory term used by the left. but i see literally nobody talking about it anymore, its like people only care about recent shit.


Radriendil wrote

Welcome to the media. They've got the attention span of a goldfish, because following up on yesterday's news costs you clicks.


MartianTiger OP wrote (edited )

That reminds me of something, “if it bleeds, it leads”, news outlets and stations deliberately output a steady stream of graphic and or depressing stories because it gets people’s attention. And that’s just one of the many practices of the media. Pretty much common knowledge but, they also tend to be biased and push narratives. For example, my local news station was trying to portray zionists as the good guys(🤢)

Really, there’s a lot of reasons to dislike the media.


ApocalyptoSoldier wrote

Goldfish slander

Experiments have shown that they can remember things for at least 3 months


Radriendil wrote

Which is a damn sight better than what the media is capable of. I apologize to goldfish everywhere.


MartianTiger OP wrote

Kind of bofa. I always recognized fascism as a very real thing but it used to seem like something you’d find elsewhere, halfway across the globe. Incidents like January 6th, overturning roe v wade make it clear that fascism is in fact in your own backyard.


HotTakeHoulihan wrote

I saw today while browsing imgur (trying to find a good picture of the muppet Animal for a meme. I failed.) that "they" (IDK the prosecution?) is releasing several more hours of the footage of Jan 6th so that randos like us can review it and say "hey, I know that asshole!" and report them.


dashconroy wrote

Normally I see it brought up by conservatives... idolizing the people who attempted the coup. They also like to mourn the people who were killed by law enforcement while trying to invade the capitol. I don't think law enforcement should murder people, of course, but I do find it simultaneously amusing and depressing that the right will mourn the deaths of fascists who tried to overthrow their government, and then tell Black people that they should "just obey the law" after they get shot for going to the wrong place at the wrong time.



I feel like trespassing into the capitol to kill politicians and being warned several times is about as justified as possible for law enforcement to kill someone


Zb0 wrote

Project 2025 comes off as something only imaginable in dystopian fiction oh god