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Detroit_yeet wrote

That's why I mostly use Mastodon these days


MartianTiger OP wrote

Hey, you’re that person that posted about throwing scalding pennies at people, hi 👋

Also, yeah, fuck twitter. I pray to the chaos gods for Elon’s downfall daily.


Detroit_yeet wrote

I'm like the goblinhog of throwing scalding pennies at people


MartianTiger OP wrote (edited )

Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Brings back memories of wasp and pillar discourse.


Nidelimit wrote (edited )

What did you expected? Musky bought Twitter because Grimes left him for a trans woman and he wanted to trash on her but also didn't wanted to get banned for bigotry. When you're the son of an emerald mine or whatever multi billionaire company, you can have the attitude of a 14 year old white boy even if you're on your 50's and being praised just because you have money, and money rules 😎

Edit: don't call Twitter X, remember, deadnaming is cool as long as you do it with companies that changed their names in order to clean themselves from controversies.


aluminiumsandworm wrote

true, but that's not even why it changed names. elon just named it that because he thinks "x" is cool and "" is cool, and he tried and failed to name paypal back in the day. it's honestly kinda pathetic