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Given that men and women are equal we can say that:

(masculine variable + femboys) = (tomboys + feminine variable)

We can now simplify by removing boys from both ends of the equasion

(masculine variable + fem) = (tom + feminine variables)

We'll need a fem and tom on each side to balance the equasion, so

((tom + masculine suffix) + fem) = (tom + (fem + feminine suffix))

We can simplify this again and get

masculine suffix = feminine suffix.

Therefore we can only conclude that masculine guys are called tomgirls and feminine girls are called femgirls.



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anarquirains wrote

Uhm nice try sweaty but the scientific terms are manlymans and goilygoils 🤓


Crown_of_Ice wrote

That isn't backed up by maths though.


anarquirains wrote

neither are fish and/or gravity and i can't remember the point im making here (my head hurts)


PrincessRuby wrote

I was expecting the answer from the title, but the math made me think maybe this is going somewhere else, but nope. LMAO

That surprise felt awesome! The punchline hit so hard, omg. This honestly might be the best meme i've seen here. Omg, thx for posting :3

And yee, i saw what Robuxyyy said, please do keep cooking!!


Serrations wrote

Since it appears we are doing this in gender base 2, wouldnt (1 over fem+boy) = masc+girl = mascgirl? And then mascgirls could include tomboys as one of their subsets under specific constraints?


ApocalyptoSoldier OP wrote

I don't know, I never went to university.

Would this still allow for tomgirls being a subset of mascboys?

Also the focus of this research wasn't gender as a whole, just a single axis of labels. I don't think enbies such as myself can be adequately represented in this equation since logically Σ(bigender) would already equal Σ(girls) + Σ(boys) and bigender is only a subset of enbies.


Serrations wrote (edited )

Yes it would!

Sure we can generalize this idea further to include everyone, just replace 2 with N and make N a many dimensional tensor.


exelia wrote

my only argument here is that some art/hentai tagging sites have historically used "tomgirl" for femboys