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selver wrote (edited )

Personally, I feel that any white dude who can't handle some "kill all whites" comments probably need to do some more thinking about race & their privilege. I think those people should be alienated and not pandered to.

It really irks me when people who have likely never been oppressed based on their race or gender in their lives throw a fit when people write mean things about them on an internet forum. No need for kid gloves with people who have zero threat of actually being oppressed based on their race & gender in a real way. White fragility is lame as fuck.

As a white dude it blows my mind that other white people can actually be bothered by this stuff. But hey, maybe that's my insensitive toxic masculinity talking.

Edit: And 9 times out of 10, when people complain about alienating language, when you push them on it you find out it's really cause they just don't believe racism or sexism exists.