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bloodrose wrote

Out of curiosity, how do you access said seed vault? Do you have any thoughts on permaculture or are you planning on farming?


RagingDalak wrote

I always go to Wal-Mart with like. A leather jacket and put boxes (cereal, crackers, turkey etc.) In my armpit and walk out the garden center or automotive. Also I go to Kroger for snacks like candy and mio drink because its close to my house. Wal-Mart is extremely easy for meats like turkey, bologna, and ham stuff. Its not that hard so be quick and do it during the day. Grab it in a cart and go to a blind spot and conceal it then walk out. It doesnt set off alarms or anything. Good luck!


LostYonder wrote

There are so much generalizing and essentializing about religion, so much conflating cultural practices as religious values, and cherry-picking critiques of religion that sometimes focus on theological ideas, sometimes on religious practices, and sometimes just on what a self-professed believer does whether it is religious or not. In short, the critiques that are circulated are conveniently produced to advance a particular agenda rather than deep engagements with the religious or any particular religious tradition.

First, ALL religions are deeply patriarchal and hierarchical, it is nothing unique to the Abrahamic faiths. Second, all religions have institutionalized practices of violence and disdain towards people of other faiths. Though, they also all have theological values of acceptance and inclusion. That is, they are all inherently contradictory in their theological messages. There are a number of significant Buddhist texts that call for war and destruction of non-Buddhists and others who do not support the sangha (the monastic order). Look at Tibet, Sri Lanka, Burma, they are all extremely intolerant societies.

As for the Abrahamic faiths, in fact Judaism and Islam are the most closely related both in their institutional structures, their theologies, and their orientations towards religious praxis. Historically speaking, Christianity has the most bloody record when it comes to violent intolerance towards people of other faiths. This lack of tolerance is reborn in the modern period in liberal philosophy and practiced through slavery, colonialism, and genocide.

The Abrahamic faiths offer a range of possibilities for being religious. Some of them are highly orthodoxic, exclusionary, with very rigid notions. Some of them are deeply humanistic, inclusionary, and accepting of multiplicities.

The Greek author Nikos Kazanztakis wrote a fictional biography of St. Francis of Assissi. In it, he has St. Francis at one point, as he is wandering through the woods with a group of his followers enjoying the fauna and flora, wonder out loud "Perhaps God doesn't exist, perhaps God is merely the search for God."

The British public intellectual Ziauddin Sardar has a similar argument in his Desperately Seeking Paradise (a wonderful read and critique of the diverse Islamic social and religious movements of the contemporary period) - wondering how it is that as soon as we latch onto a path to paradise, we lose our way, becoming more obsessed with maintaining the path and policing who is on it or not, rather than actually following it.

Wonder if something similar can be said about anarchy - perhaps anarchy doesn't exist, perhaps anarchy is merely the search for anarchy...


mouse wrote

No, you're right. Something I find very annoying within the liberal community is the eagerness to be anti-christian (as Christianity is fairly oppressive) but the refusal to be anti-Islam out of fear of being Islamophobic. While nobody should be discriminated against for their religious views or ethnic identity, the fact of the matter is that Islam is probably even more oppressive than Christianity, especially when it comes to the treatment of women.

I don't think it would be right of me to try to enforce my religious views on anyone else, but as an Anti-theist anarchist... I have to say fuck all religion.


Blind_spot wrote

Where I live there are two stores that randomly play a recording over the intercom that says “security check zone C” or something like that. I think it is a strategy on their part to freak out potential lifters. You’ll know if what they said over the P.A. is not normal for the store because you frequently go there. I have always wondered if staff at a store can use the PA system to alert LP to a possible theft in progress.


TitanofThievery wrote

You're right. I don't lift at my regular grocery store or my regular home depot. I spend why you much time there during home projects or shopping for food. So much so that some of the employees even know my name and recognize me when I walk in. If go somewhere once or twice a week, don't steal from them. Full stop. Plenty of other stores you can go to that are further away.


RosaReborn wrote

"The new rules would reduce liability for universities, tighten the definition of sexual harassment, and allow schools to use a higher standard in evaluating claims of sexual harassment and assault," reported the Washington Post. "The most significant change would guarantee the accused the right to cross-examine their accusers

Especially the last part about being cross-examined by the accuser's attorneys, that just makes me so angry imaging these smarmy legalist assholes try any loophole they can, to your face, to discredit you at the behest of someone who hurt you


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I feel like it's not fair to lump Judaism in with the other two, or really any of them with eachother because they're such broad spectrums of belief that it's hard to find consistency. Like, I'm opposed to the implementations that enact oppression, especially through conversion, so I have a higher opinion of Judaism because none of the branches that I'm familiar with are evangelical. They all want to do their own thing, and actively discourage others from doing it unless they're serious and willing to put years into converting by their own effort. I also really agree with their interpretation of the relationship with God, that one argues with and bargains with God and that going against God's will is sometimes necessary, but that a deal is a deal and the covenant must still be upheld. That's something I can wrap my mind around as a heathen, that their relationship to God isn't that dissimilar to my relationship with the Aesir. One founded on loyalty, but also not something that demands constant praise and self-deprecation to maintain, and where the relationship is rooted in an exchange. I feel that when people say fuck all abrahamics in the left, they're generalizing too much and giving into a strain of antisemetic thought, since if the other two arose from a Jewish base and split off on their own, it becomes an easy but incorrect path of logic to blame Judaism for their existence. And besides, it's not like nu atheists or whatever they're calling themselves are good at telling any faiths apart or respecting their differences in the first place.

Back on the opposition to oppression thing, I feel like I'm only really qualified to talk about Christianity because I just don't know enough about Islam except that Salafism and Ba'athism are shitty, but also not a majority view worldwide (though gaining ground). Between the catholics and the prots, I like the catholics a little more because we have more commonalities in our worldview and I appreciate the examples a lot of the saints set about honor and determination, or for charity at one's own cost and mercy for weaker folk. My biggest beef with the prots is Sola Fide, which is such a wanktastic fucking idea and I feel like it's a transparent attempt to have your cake and eat it too. At least when Augustine was done sinning he took up a life of asceticism, his justification was getting it out of his system, and all he really did was booze and whore his way across Rome. Sola Fide is carte blanche to treat non-christians (defined as anyone but your bullshit denomination) like shit, do whatever you want, and beg forgiveness at the end of it. A God that forgives murderers and rapists but punishes some fucking islanders somewhere that never heard the word of Christ isn't just an evil God, it's a weak and cringing one. And their 'solution' to that theological problem, while something catholics are far far far from innocent from, is responsible for such a solid fucking chunk of not just historic but contemporary and continuing colonialism, that I don't see how like, a lutheran or a baptist could hold themselves to be radical in any way save opposing the Church. I have a lot more respect and patience for the pacifist offshoots, even if I'm not really digging the pacifism itself. Mennonites and quakers to my knowledge are a lot more horizontally organized and have little to no interest in pulling people in who don't want to be, and that's my main condition for being friends with a christian at all. Are they going to try to force me to live by their ways?


Witchman05 wrote

Honestly, most of my life, my opinion has always been "live and let live", but that never really works when people on the other side don't live by that too. Claiming it's "immoral" and "against their religion" for gay marriage, abortion rights, things like that. Hey, guess what? Not everybody is in your religion, so come on, let's go all kiss a dude!


BrowseDuringClass1917 wrote

On the bright side, Ocasio-Cortez isn't nearly as bad as I thought she would be. She's attracting tongs of media coverage and even support from tons of 'unwoke' working class folks for completely disregarding the conventions of government, but in a positive way rather than the Trump way.

It's really fun to talk with people who don't really know much, but see that Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist who has some fucking guts. I can literally feel the overton window finally shifting left at this very second.


TitanofThievery wrote

Nothing will happen to that receipt checker man. Sorry to say. I had a door greeter literally get physical with me because I didn't show them my receipt. I hadn't even stolen anything that day. I legit just bought two bundles of paper towels. I had them bagged up and was pushing them out but she stepped in front of my cart and grabbed my arm. Started making a scene and getting all the attention she could about how I was trying to steal and needed to show a reciept. Even through in the racial slurs and threatened to fight me. This was a 70+ year old black lady. It was unbelievable.