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cakeater7 wrote (edited )

I have done 2 tv walkouts at the same store in the same week during the Christmas holidays and have been lifting there regularly even now with no problem. Maybe I shouldn't be pushing it like that and you shouldn't take my advice but I have great confident in my method so maybe that's a factor too. Or maybe they'll have a team waiting to catch me one day and it won't be so funny to me anymore. But if I were u I would go back and test the water but don't lift anything. If they had u made they would let u know it by interacting with u in such an aggressive "helpful" way.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

You're literally telling me you're going to get rid of class society and then reinstate it all over again. What is so different about one group holding the monopoly of the legitimate use of violence in society... Just like class society.

Whether you want to admit it or not you are advocating for a hierarchy. One class legitimizing who and who is not eligible to own firearms. This totally sounds like a state.


TitanofThieves wrote

It all depends on how large the item is and how successful your walkout was. I did a TV walkout from Walmart and ended up going back the next day for toothpaste. Then I've also had walkouts where I wait 8-12 months. There's no perfect formula. If you're unsure, wait 3 months to be safe.


sudo wrote

You're conflating state with government. A state is defined as the parts of a government that are used to keep one class in power over another. If classes have disappeared, then you'd be left with a government, but no state.

The scenario I'm referring to is where classes have disappeared (and therefore so has the state), but mass shootings are still happening. I'm not sure that this scenario could actually happen, because I think part of the reason mass shootings occur is due to the material conditions of capitalism, but let's say for the moment that mass shootings are still happening, albeit less frequently. In this case, if the government decided to enact gun control measures, it wouldn't be a "state-ish" action, because it wouldn't be holding any one class in submission. It would just be to prevent shootings, mass or otherwise.