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Splinglebot wrote

I think, I might agree with you on some points.

I would if it wasn't for the fact that every time this type of thing is brought up it's immediately after someone has come here in bad faith to shit on marginalized people before running and crying when they're called out on it.

"a different opinion" is a euphemism that really means being bigoted. It's got nothing to do with a difference in opinion and everything to do with the substance of it. I can only conclude that what they really want is for raddle to be less critical of bigotry.


awkward_extrovert wrote (edited )

Eventhough the satire could be smelled from the title alone I do think it deserves some more serious consideration. It is true that poor people tend to be much unhappier - not just because money equals happiness or whatever but also cause toxic upbrining is much more common. Look at all us analretentive, we're more common amongst working class, while the anarchists that are more visible in public are often kids of the middle class: doctor's, teacher's, executive's xxx_professions's children. Not saying these privilegued ones are the majority of anarchist, just that when more disgruntled anarchists ( talking about full-fledged ones, not about manarchists) get into such a group they may feel allinieated. Or maybe its like you can you force yourself to interact with or proselityze people who'se vibes you dont jam with? Wouldnt be nodding them off or pointing out their difference be the norm? Unless the emotionally repressed anarchist reailizes they arent disturbed by the other's actions, but by their own allieniation of them selves/ lack of authenticity, they may turn their back and leave the scene to the middle class kids.

Or another approach to learn sth from the satire is to get away with the emotional shackles our poor upbrining / our allieniated/toxic parents have caused us. Cause poverty can still be enough to eat, drink and have a roof over their head, atleast in certain cases in western societies. How is it a child can be very happy with very little money, yet as adults we cannot? In a similar vein, ancient humans had lots of hobbies and none of them could have been dependent on money, consumism or highly processed goods (relative to our times). What poverty and anti-child upbrining have stolen us can be dusted of and nurtured again


Chylan wrote (edited )

I think, I might agree with you on some points.

Well, I think, this site could have a bit more tolerance to misguided and confused persons. It, honestly, does looks like you need PhD in leftist politics to post on this site, after all. EDIT: I feel like I exaggerated here, but, well, it's close.

On the other hand "misunderstood fellow men" could employ a bit more empathy and good faith, and effort in understanding a feedback they receive here.

On the third hand, I understand that Raddle value the safety of this space much more than accessibility, and I'm fine with this. An I understand that it could be much worth otherwise.

I love Raddle, and I think people here are cool and chill, helpful and supportive.