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train wrote

My biggest problem with debating tankies is they don't exactly argue in good faith. They seem to think some lies and mistruths are okay as long as they support some greater socialist cause. Towing the party line is their thing and so ignoring the contraditions of the CCP, Mao, Lenin, etc. is thus okay. From that perspective it's easy to start rationalizing all kinds of terrible behavior.


bloodrose wrote

The top comments are gold:

Moral of the episode: If you're a successful socialist, a capitalist will come along and punish you for no reason.

When a Group of People is stranded on a island they should all compete against eachother to built the best boat. Were all in this individualiy!


ziq wrote

Chapo shouldn't be controlled by any one ideology, it has always been a left-unity community.

And yet is admittedly controlled by a bunch of CCP loving bootlickers who think ethnic minorities should be put in concentration camps and be chained together in factories pumping out Nikes for no pay until they abandon their culture.

We will be able to keep the imperialist / sectarian stuff off of the main server but the anarchist servers will be able to engage in that kind of talk as long as it doesn't spread to

So is only for dengist rhetoric? Seems to contradict your previous statement, but okay.

We were looking for a platform which supports federation, and while Lemmy isn't there yet, it is the closest thing to achieving that goal

This is really starting to feel like a cult. You'll give the people federation when the rapture takes all the true believers to heaven.

Finally, if we had thrown caution to the wind and set up chapo on Raddle, there was a strong likelihood that we wouldn't even be allowed to moderate our own community due to the Raddle anarchists being so anti-tankie

You got that right you fucking fascist.

So I invite you all to make accounts on the new home for chapos and leave your preconceptions at the door.

If you keep pushing this red fash shit here I'll make 100 accounts there and put them to good use.


bloodrose wrote

Ahh, school. Teaching children that working together is bad.

Also, what the fuck is wrong with being average/common? Why does everyone have to be the fucking best? Who decided this was something we had to value?


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cryptolake wrote

btw i'm reading "Fuck Your Red Revolution" in wiki now. Is there other reading/recommendation because i find that line of thought very relatable to what i think and i want to make it clearer in my head.


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lastfutures wrote

Yeah seriously, like the guy in charge of pushing the bomb-throwing narrative (Palmer) had his house blown up while he and his family were inside, after the Galleanists had already sent dozens & dozens of bombs to people. I hate when people try to ignore that history.


PzkM wrote

You can use Tor and enable JS, they're not mutually exclusive. Kind of defeats the purpose of using Tor, but so does creating an account and being an active poster, it's a fingerprinting nightmare. Anyway, at least one of the Lemmy developers have expressed interest in making instances accessible with JS disabled. It's probably very low on the priority list though, so I wouldn't count on it happening soon.


SomeIconoclast wrote

We will be able to keep the imperialist / sectarian stuff off of the main server but the anarchist servers will be able to engage in that kind of talk as long as it doesn't spread to

Why would anyone here want to do that? If any raddle users want to go there, we'd be there. Raddle already exists, why would I exchange this isolated corner of the internet for yours?