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Tequila_Wolf wrote

"The enemy knows how to quickly adapt in the ideological struggle. 1) undermine emerging unity with white agitator propaganda, 2) follow up with declaration against something called Antifa as a terrorist group, 3) instruct the police to join demos and express solidarity, 4) release statements from police chiefs and others pushing the bad apples theme, and most important, 5) keep the focus on the individual and call for "justice" for that individual to avoid attention on the systemic and enduring elements of Black and Brown colonized oppression."

  • Ajamu Baraka

LostYonder wrote

An important observation - that the "whole movement is held responsible for actions of one". This is something, generally, whites will never experience - being held accountable for their entire race/community. White thought and the powerful industries of representation that reinforce white privilege, construct whites as independent, individual agents whose actions are driven by their personal psychological make up while all others are products of their culture. Whenever a Black, or Latino, or Muslim person does anything whites deem as unacceptable, the entire community is expected to stand-up and condemn the act and try to prove that they aren't that.

Whites behaving badly at a BLM protest taints the black protesters, not the white ones - this is white privilege...


Bezotcovschina wrote (edited )

I think, we all can agree that peaceful protests won't acheave anything at this point, but it's clear that the whole movement is held responsible for actions of one. I want to say that you should feel what action is acceptable for the movement in this specific case. You aren't here to harm the movement. If you feel that isn't acceptable to break windows and torch cars in this particular situation - you shouldn't do it. You are not alone here.

I saw videos of protesters handing "provocateurs" to cops, I saw videos of black people frawning white people for tagging Starbucks, I saw videos of protesters hugging with cops. And I saw videos of pig's station burning and Target looted. Each situation is different and if you want to show solidarity - you should act accordingly.

As a side note, I want to express my disgust when every "violent" act is attributed to forces outside the actual movement. That's just watering down and downplaying people's outrage.


avbeav wrote

In a country where your health insurance depends on your job, that is a big thing to ask. In a capitalist system, people are pushed into evil jobs, to act against their conscience to earn a wage. Someone needs to reach out to those people and support them in leaving behind their violent gang of racist thugs called the police. Life After Hate and that stuff.


orange wrote

how is it selfish to ask for white protestors, who are supposed to be at these protests in allyship to black people, to listen + support them, especially in situations where tagging/looting/destroying property gets pinned solely on black protestors not only by the media but by the cops when they choose who to arrest for these actions?


j0hn_d0e wrote

The BLM leaders want peaceful protests because their goal is to get police reform & have police held accountable for their actions just like any other citizen. Half of the BLM protesters (regardless of race) want to remain peaceful & the other half want to riot (or are opportunistic).

Anarchists want to completely change the system and replace the government. Anarchists tend to show up at the peaceful protests ready to riot. Once things get violent, police have a reason to start arresting people.

This twitter account highlights various moments when people attempt to instigate peaceful protests:

Personally I'm not blaming either side since BLM & Anarchists just have different ideas & goals.


celebratedrecluse wrote

they are all insured, it is required everywhere by law iirc. Part of having your business license/permits, in most places. Sure, the premiums may go up, but if it is no-fault there isn't going to be a bank-breaking problem.

when you see US shop owners showing guns to protestors, it's because they loathe and detest those protestors and want an excuse to threaten them.


LostYonder wrote

I don't even know where to begin with such dribble. The arrogance, the condescending tone, the overt racism, and the knee-jerk reactionary "oh, i'm being repressed, I'm the victim here" is all quite disgusting though certainly not surprising.


lastfutures wrote (edited )

I just hope that in a few months if all this has been repressed and nothing has changed that these people realize what happened and what role they played in it (cops). The forces of spectacular repression and recuperation are working overtime right now.