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Protectyaneck wrote

I got a playstation 4 for free about 6 months ago by claiming it didn't get delivered. the package was supposed to require a signature but the fedex guy took it to the leasing office at my apartment complex and one of the ladies working there just signed some random name and accepted it. I contacted amazon and they saw that the signature on the package didnt match the name on the order. It took about a week but they refunded my $400.


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lettuceleafer wrote

I totally feel the same way thought I wouldn't have said it as eloquently. Even though I don't interact much, this place is almost allways a positive experience. It's nice to have especially when things are feeling grim.


Hardlyworking4 wrote (edited )

Well I get that, but I"ve been in this exact situation. I walked out, even though they put their hands on me, took my purse i kept walking. Guess what happened. I did not get prosecuted and the LP was fired... for an improper stop. This was at walmart and I knew all the steps to stop a shoplifter and the LP would be fired for not following them.

I did my research. I was smart in how I dealt with it. I broke line of site. I walked away... i explained to the cop i was stopped in a subway, they put their hands on me and took my purse. Guess what? The cops didn't prosecute.